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What Are the Benefits of Beacon Technology in the Workplace?


What Are the Benefits of Beacon Technology in the Workplace?

Due to a variety of benefits, beacon devices and BLE technology are being used to produce diverse solutions all over the world. To back up this claim, ABI Research predicts that by the end of the year, the global BLE beacon market will have surpassed 500 million devices.

The workers’ safety and security are required. Beacon-based applications are a lifesaver in industrial workplaces because they create specific actions on the worker’s smart device, such as reminding workers to wear personal protective equipment near heavy machinery or other potentially hazardous areas.

What is the Importance of Innovation in Workplace Safety?

Employees are the heart and soul of any business, large or small. Maintaining excellent health and safety standards for all employees has always been difficult for any company. Thousands of people labor in some of the most dangerous locations globally. Their daily professional life is full of twists and turns. This necessitates advanced preventative measures as well as proactive solutions.

Fortune 100 firms, among other global corporations, have stepped forward to resolve this heinous problem. Companies have created and implemented smart solutions at workplaces that use BLE/Beacons technology to assure all-time health and safety on the work floor and on-site safety for remote workers.

Before we get to the answers, let’s take a quick detour to see why there’s such a big deal about these beacon devices!!

What is Beacon Technology?

The Beacons are a location-based technology that is relatively new. It stands out for its low cost and ease of procurement. If you have a recent Smartphone, you most likely already have Bluetooth beacons in your hand. It is required to have an application that reacts to the data sent by the beacons for your phone to be able to intercept these signals.

One of its advantages is its low power consumption in terms of battery life. For example, a simple button cell battery may last up to two years. It also has a signal range of around 40 meters. Put another way; it is a current technology that does not necessitate a significant investment to perform properly.

Companies can wirelessly communicate with mobile devices to transmit messages or gather data, thanks to the features of Beacons technology. This is the primary reason for companies’ interest in this new technology. The Beacons provide a fantastic chance for retailers to communicate with their customers and gain a deeper understanding of them. They can access information such as the length of time they spend in a store and send messages based on their location.

Business Benefits of Beacon Technology:

We already know how they work in a physical store. Still, we need to figure out the advantages of beacon technology for businesses, particularly electronic commerce in the case of a virtual store. We must first recognize that beacon technology solutions bridge the physical and digital worlds. The user does not need to enter a room to receive a notification; they can always evaluate the offer later because there is a virtual site they can access from their home or business. This technology can also be put around the city to make outdoor advertising more interactive with the public. In this approach, we can assess the benefits they bring to our company:

1. Send Customers Important Offers Effortlessly:

We are not going to send out client alerts. We must choose the most appropriate offers, which is how beacons have evolved into an e-commerce trend. We no longer provide paper discount coupons to our consumers, focusing on personalized recommendations that can be seen on street signs or at key locations throughout the city.

2. Attract the attention of the customer:

technology is an example of AI – Artificial Intelligence, which means we now
Beacon has more knowledge about our clients’ activity. As a result, we can provide products that pique their interest and hold their attention. This will increase participation. Furthermore, thanks to beacon alerts, we will be able to determine the success of our campaigns, the number of visits we receive, and the number of transactions we make.

3. Increase the size of our database:

The segmentation of our customers is a challenge that every business faces. We will have more information thanks to the beacons, which will allow us to organize ourselves and further detail better the profile of our clients based on their preferences. It will undoubtedly be a tool that we can use to our advantage.

Workplace Safety with Beacons Solutions:

1. Wearables for Remote Workers in Volatile Locations:

Beacons can be installed on a wearable with other IoT sensors, making them compatible with wearable technology. Fire, gas leakage, and flood detection can all be done with sensors and other industrial devices. The system creates and sends alerts to the control room operator if any of these occur. Beacon takes over the communication channel in regions where online connectivity may be a problem.

It provides extra data when GPS signals are unavailable and transfers its location data to the GPS Locator watch using BLE technology. It could also be any other type of wearable device. As a result, it can be utilized for indoor safety purposes such as location awareness and providing an appropriate beacon-based solution for individuals who work alone.

2. Beacons for Ensuring In-House Employees Safe:

Beacons can be critical in ensuring workplace safety in various industries such as construction, logistics, and transportation. Because of their tiny size and low power consumption, Beacons can be put on any electronic hardware, making them an ideal IoT option for real-time tracking of employees, assets, and other items. It also aids in the monitoring of the indoor environment using a variety of sensors and data.

This provides complete peace of mind to the employees while they work. The data can be evaluated to prevent future catastrophes, increase reactiveness, and raise awareness of the need for indoor tool maintenance regularly.


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