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Top Mobile Application Development Trends In 2020

App development trends 2020

Top Mobile Application Development Trends In 2020

Technology is growing beyond our imagination, especially when it comes to smartphones. Very conveniently smartphones have become a very important element in our lives. And we cannot forget how mobile apps are growing at a great pace due to the number of users has increased majorly over the years. The growth in usage of smartphones has covered the way for an increase in applications used by people around the world and we could still see it growing. And so mobile application development trends began growing and are taking place in the market. There are some really interesting mobile app development trends that mobile app development companies should keep track of. It is all about the new technologies and old ones finding ways and streaming new programming languages. Upcoming trends have a lot to offer, not only to customers but also to the developers.

Below are some of the top trending mobile app developments:

1. Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain has made its way to the mobile app development segment and is ahead of just buzzwords and cryptocurrencies. The trend of blockchain technology has been preferred by many lately and will continue as a trend in the coming years. A lot of financial organizations as well as investors have already made the most of this technology especially when it comes to assets. Numerous online wallets rely on Blockchain technology. If you are bothered to make payments through credit cards then there is nothing to worry about as you can use blockchain-enabled mobile payment applications. As per some research, it is expected that blockchain technology will hit $20 billion by 2024. This states that mobile apps will capitalize on such technology eventually.

2. Artificial intelligence and Machine learning:

Artificial intelligence is now known by many and a common term in the world of technology. It is growing at its own pace but it is assumed that by 2024 it will make $191 billion. And in today’s world, numerous industries are wishing to merge the system with human intelligence. As per mobile app development companies in the USA say customers of this generation wish to have personalized data and context-oriented outcomes which is where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning play its role. Making use of these technologies, app development companies can create apps that resonate with users’ intentions to offer certain outcomes based on their unique requirements.

App developers using Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence have enough knowledge, understanding of reasons, and most importantly ability to solve problems and to create intuitive applications that leave a good impression on the customers. So basically it is difficult to imagine the future of mobile app development companies with the help of AI and machine learning.

3. On-demand applications:

The role of on-demand apps is between service providers and customers. The world of applications is already at a new peak and now more providers offer on-demand apps in the industry. This year many businesses will consider developing on-demand applications to boost ROI. Some of the major benefits of on-demand apps are employee satisfaction, enhanced scalability, the advantage of mobility, enhanced business opportunities, cost-effectiveness, and more.

4. Usage of Chatbots:

In the mobile application industry, chatbots already play a significant role as it has taken over different communication aspects. It offers real-time interaction with the customers. And this technology does not require human-to-human communication in various fields. Well known mobile app development companies in the USA recommend Chatbots and numerous businesses are making profits due to good client engagement. The technology helps reduce problems related to arranging human resources offering 24*7 services.

5. Wearable devices:

One of the major reasons why wearable apps are widely preferred by customers is that they can connect to data anytime and anywhere. Wearable devices are in huge demand and the growth rate will reach an all-new level in the upcoming years. Some of the common wearable devices include fitness bands, smartwatches, and more. The market of wearable devices is developing and mobile apps must support the technology.

6. Internet of things:

The Internet of Things is also commonly known as “IoT”. It is rapidly growing and is not only used for home automation. It is adapted by numerous industries like manufacturing, construction, logistics, and more. For example, you are not at home and you have not locked your door at home. Then you need not go home again and instead, you can just lock your home from wherever you are with the help of an IoT app and also, of course, an IoT powered lock system and internet connection at your home. So basically in the future, you will be able to control everything and anything with the help of IoT systems.

7. 5G Technology:

The world of 5G technology will be grand, as right now we do experience 4G technology sometimes facing issues with supporting customers’ data consumption. Whereas the technology of 5G will be all about data speed increase. And mobile app development companies and take advantage of the technology and offer some crucial benefits to users in terms of faster data transfer and enhanced connection density. It is assumed that 5G technology is going to be the game-changer in this industry.

8. Enterprise mobile management and Application performance management:

Two main components of enterprise mobile app development are EMM and APM. in 2016, application mobile management was combined with Google. It was introduced to decrease the complication which was probably slowing down the application performance. This is how APM helps improve the functionality level. It is considered as a suitable tool for quality assurance testers to test mobile applications.

About EMM a.k.a enterprise mobility management is a platform that helps companies to authorize safe mobile devices that employees use. This helps in mobile computing to organize business procedures.

The above information states that mobile app development trends are going to grow and the app industry takes its best possible position in the industry. The growth of mobile app development companies was assumed to start in 2020, so now it’s time to watch out on upcoming trends while working on your app. Try and implement these trends on the updated version of your mobile app as it will lead to more conversion.