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Top 5 Ways an Ionic App Can Take Your Business to The Next Level


Top 5 Ways an Ionic App Can Take Your Business to The Next Level

Investing in mobile applications is helping businesses to grow rapidly in the digital world. Over 90% of the population spends their time on mobile devices, which gives you a great scope of targeting potential customers. 

Have you given a thought to hire Ionic App Developers? Do you plan to increase the sales or improve the user experience for your business? 

We will help you understand the benefits of using Ionic for mobile app development with this content piece. 

What is Ionic Development?

It is an open-source frontend Software Development Kit framework that helps to build mobile apps for Windows, Android, and iOS devices using a single codebase. Ionic is a cross-platform mobile development tool. 

The tool enables to build of mobile applications using languages like HTML, CSS, Angular, Typescript, and JavaScript. Let us look at the history of Ionic: 

  • Ionic 1: It came on the market in 2013 and was compatible with Angular 1. It uses directives to customize angular components. This version does not require web components. 
  • Ionic 2: This version was introduced in 2016, and it was compatible with Angular 2, providing similar functionality as version 1. It focused on the angular component, not on the web components. 
  • Ionic 3: This was released in 2017 with some additional features to the version 1 and 2. It was highly compatible with Angular 4 but mainly focused on the Ionic framework. It is limited to Angular that limits building native mobile applications. 
  • Ionic 4: It was introduced in 2019 and was web component-based. This version helped the ionic developers to build native mobile apps and advanced web applications through various languages. 
  • Ionic 5: This version of Ionic came in 2020, with the main focus on the material design to improve apps’ UI. It provided compatibility to multiple frameworks to help customize components and animations. 

What Features Make Ionic Perfect for your Business?

1. Platform Independence

Ionic can work with any platform you are using to give you a native look and feel. Developers do not have to change the coding as it uses the mobile-optimized website components. Ionic works with Angular to provide a robust structure that saves your costs. 

2. Cross-Platform 

The Ionic framework applications are easy to deploy on multiple platforms like native iOS, Android, Desktop, and websites as a progressive application with one codebase. This makes it perfect for writing once and running everywhere. 

3. High Compatibility

The past releases were coupled with Angular. The Ionic 4 version was re-engineered to work as alone as a web component library by supporting the integration of JavaScript frameworks. Many ionic app development services use it as a frontend framework like React.js and Vue.js. 

4. Website Components 

They are part of website platform APIs. This helps developers customize and reuse the HTML tags used in the web pages and applications. Web components bring a crucial improvement in the loading time and other essential factors for improving web applications. This is based on the custom elements, HTML template, Shadow DOM, and HTML imports. 

5. Lazy Loading 

This is a design pattern in the Ionic platform to initialize the components. It provides better performance and decreases the loading time by dividing it into multiple bundles. This ensures a great user experience while surfing through mobile apps.

What are the Benefits of Using the Ionic Platform?

Developer Friendly 

Ionic allows the developers to build mobile apps. Custom applications are easier and less time-consuming. Developers use it as it uses a single codebase rather than having separate coding for Android, website, and iOS. Ionic helps to interconnect these platforms from a single source of code. If there is any bug, they need to solve it once and ensure clean code. 

Cordova Plugins 

This is a repository for more than 70 configurable plugins. It is useful to provide powerful and dynamic functionalities in the applications. Developers use the Ionic framework to access the Cordova plugins, saving their efforts. 

Suite of tools 

The ionic team puts efforts into the test, perfection, and releases new APIs that work on multiple platforms. Ionic gives you a library of plugins and components, frontend building blocks, app icons, UI components, and more. The plugins help connect with the devices through Bluetooth, GPS, and camera without any custom integrations. 

Some more vital features are: 

  • Text-To-Speech: Using an Ionic plugin will read the entire blog post, page, or section aloud to the users. It makes the application more accessible to consume content.
  • Deep-link: The plugin has a seamless pathway from the Ionic apps to other applications on the device. 
  • Camera Access: This tool allows the users to use their phone camera to capture images and store them in the application library. 

Testing Convenience

Ionic will help to save time and speed up the development process. It operates through WebView, which means the apps can be tested on the device’s browsers. The browser has a built-in testing and debugging tool to make this process seamless. 

Better Turnaround 

This might not be a big surprise that it takes less time 

The Final Note!

When you hire Ionic app developers, you save resources, time, and cost. With this framework, you can easily create, modify, and update any changes in the application through a single codebase. With millions of users worldwide, it has great support and experts to handle your queries. 

Now build new and robust mobile apps using Ionic app development.