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The importance of app store optimization for mobile app marketing

The importance of app store optimization for mobile app marketing

ASO is primarily concerned with enhancing your app’s exposure within an app store search engine like Google Play or the Apple App Store. It supports other goals, including visitors to your web app and downloads, by raising impressions. ASO focuses on applications that use professional resources to raise the ranking of mobile applications (apps) in app stores (like iTunes, Google Play, and Windows Store).

As of the first quarter of 2022, there were 2.11 million apps available on the Apple App store and 3.48 million on the Google Play Store, according to a Statista research. These kinds of volumes make it difficult for users of mobile phones to find or discover both new and existing apps. ASO (App Store Optimization) enters the picture at this point. It aids in the better promotion of mobile apps by app producers and publishers.

Benefits of app store optimization:

If you want to showcase your software to the appropriate customers, app store optimization is essential. Let’s examine some of the benefits of ASO:

  • It Raises Brand Awareness.

    App store optimization aids in brand exposure because its main goal is to raise an app’s rating. An app with a high rating is more likely to be discovered by users who may not have heard of it before, who may then download it if it meets their needs. As most people find new apps simply by typing in keywords and browsing the app store.

  • Long-term savings are achieved.

    A strong approach for ASO will raise your organic installs while costing you nothing, which is one of its best features. Therefore, potential consumers will be exposed to an app more during their surfing if they spend the time and/or money to get it ranked higher in search results.

  • Always get identified by the relevant users

Finding your app is not enough; it must also be found by users who are looking for apps similar to yours. As a              result of your app being matched to pertinent keywords, app store optimization connects you with the proper                users. People will find your app using these search phrases.

Your app can be used to reach a global audience.

You may attract users from all around the world to discover your app by making it available in multiple languages through the app localization process, through an app store optimization technique. The app can be expanded globally by ASO.

  • ASO optimisation methods:

    When selecting whether to download an app, people take 7 seconds to do so. A user’s choice is strongly influenced by the appearance of the app store page, including scannable material and high-quality screenshots. Below are the points on how to optimize an app:

  •  Understanding the user:

    Start with conducting research on the target market and target audience. Determine their behaviour and needs. You can obtain information for creating app information by getting to know your clients.

  • Name of the Application:

    Application name is the primary impression online. It’s what drove you to read this article, and it’s what will make people want to use the application. So choose a unique, relevant, and legible name.

  • Select appropriate Keyword to use:

    Make sure to invest time in keyword research and often check back on them for improvement chances since app stores use keyword triggers in your app’s name, title, description, and related fields.

  •  Use high quality screenshots and images:

    You need to convince customers to download the app once they arrive on the website. Screenshots assist in demonstrating the functionality of your app, providing users with a preview of the app, and presenting a technique that enables it as a legitimate form of visual communication.

  • Ratings and Reviews:

    The success of ASO is mostly dependent on feedback. Apple and Google Play both take customer feedback and suggestions into consideration. Higher rankings and more relevant apps are indicated by higher ratings. One of the most significant signals for the App Store ranking system is reviews.

How can Elsner help you to optimize your app?

People these days are extremely reliant on applications, technologies, and software. But the competition is getting tougher as there are so many apps and tools accessible to acquire. Furthermore, having a fantastic innovation is not enough; one must also discover it!

Despite the fact that ASO is still relatively new and under study and testing, getting started now will undoubtedly benefit in the long term. We at Elsner think that ASO is a never-ending process, thus we constantly experiment with new ideas and improve our clients’ listings in the Google Play store. We continue to keep track of how your app and those of your competitors are developing. To ensure that we never miss a trend, our experts examine everything and keep us up to date on Google Play Store news and developments.


ASO outperforms growth trends and tends to grow. Apps have been increasingly important as a marketing tool over the past few years, both in terms of their requirement and worth. Additionally, doing ASO may appear quick and simple, but make no mistake—it can be challenging. To pull it off, you need planning, commitment, and lots of trial and error. Elsner is the ultimate one-stop destination for the ASO as our professionals are always excited about taking on new challenges and helping our clients to the best of their abilities.