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Beacon App Development

A Real-Time App Innovation

The compelling part about Beacon apps is that they function on the radiations of a Bluetooth. BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is a technology which runs these Beacon Apps. MyAppGurus brings on the experience where the clients can connect with their local customers using this Bluetooth technology.

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Strengthen the Client-Customer Bond With IoT technology

In the world of internet, the functioning of Bluetooth seems to fade day-by-day. But not anymore, Beacon apps uses the technology of Bluetooth, i.e BLE to create a relationship between the brand and customers. Making the concept of IoT true, small beacon devices with the help of BLE to connect with user’s apps.

With MyAppGurus, your apps can get the deserved recognition. Having almost made over 75+ Beacon Apps, the expertise of the developers is undoubtedly brilliant. The fact they consume least of the powers makes them an economical option.

Thus, the Internet of things is real, you can fetch any relevant customer data for business purposes. Even if that customer has just walked by your store, you can spread the word of advertisement in their Beacon apps.

Our developers shall help you build apps working both for iPhone and Android (Cross Platform App Development). The objective of bringing the attention of the local customer and making every electronic internet oriented comes to reality with Beacon technology.

Beacon App

Reasons behind choosing MyAppGurus?

  • Once the developers understand the target audience and requirements, in no time the app shall come to your service.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is a vital factor. Thus, the experts and MyAppGurus work on ensuring there are no loopholes in connection.
  • Got a Beacon app already built? No worries, our Support and Maintenance team is there to assist you in case of any erroneous situation.
  • The experience with different industries has sharpened the developers understanding for various businesses.

Which Beacon App Development services are rendered?


Cross-platform app development


MyAppGurus concerns all the operating system of the internet world, mainly Android and iOS. So, we along with the development team dedicate ourselves to create cross-platform. With the use of advanced tools, scalability shall be nothing less than a native app.


App for the master of locations


The Bluetooth technology is designed to work in limitation of a restricted range. In order to match the level of compatibility, the Beacon app developers shall create location-based apps. Thus, such apps can be then detected easily by BLE within the designated range.


Apps for Interactive tours


MyAppGurus can build apps helping the tourists walk through museum or art galleries with the maximum amount of information. The information triggers in their mobile phones when they move around a particular object.


The stage of home automation


The Beacon technology can be brought home in appliances like TV, AC, locking/unlocking of doors and operating the light system. MyAppGurus has built such apps for any electrical companies to take the customer’s experience onto an advanced level.


I am so grateful to have the MyAppGurus Team working with me on my project. The entire teams work is impeccable. I could not have hoped to have found a better partner to help me build a mobile application.

Malcolm Edwards

What makes MyAppGurus so amazingly great is their attention to detail, availability, expertise knowledge and most importantly, their flexibility, agility and scalability to put your project to World Class Level. It has been 9 years of my association and I must say MyAppGurus is family to us now.

Sajan Shah, Founder of United First Author and Motivational Speaker

Every device delivers a piece of information, create one for yourself today with Beacon App Development!