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Revolutionize Indoor and Outdoor Maps using QGIS Software


Revolutionize Indoor and Outdoor Maps using QGIS Software

We probably grew up using GIS software formally known as Quantum Geographical Information System software.

It’s a very impressive software and has many capabilities. It doesn’t matter if you use it for Android, iOS mobile application, it works cross-platform. Being open-source software, you do not have to worry about breaking the law with the licenses.


Outdoor navigation is never a problem, but navigating indoor is a tough task. There is a need to create an algorithm that works for every building and every user. QGIS software serves this need of the hour.

This software allows the user to edit and analyze spatial information. It also allows composing and exporting geographical maps.

Opening the box of QGIS advantages we found out that there is much more to it than just being a cross-platform software.



  • Interoperability:

QGIS software is able to read/write more than expected file formats. No matter whichever format file you receive, converting it in Geo.JSON is simple. It comes with an added facility to work with Spatialite, GeoPackages, and PostGIS.


  • Don’t limit the application with just 12 Basemaps:

Unlike the ArcMap software which has 12 basemaps facilities, QGIS comes with 148 basemaps. These are available with QuickMapServices plugin on enabling contributed map.


  • GeoProcessing:

QGIS has it all: 900 tools in the Processing Toolbox, the batch processing capability, the Graphical Modeler and the Python Console. These all things are the strength of QGIS. You can work with POSTGIS and or/R that are fully functional with GIS.


  • Variation with Variables:

Store any constant and you will be able to make it Global, Project level or Layer level. It is helpful to store conversion factors like square meters to acres, meters to miles etc. with fewer clicks. It allows calculating fields in the attribute table.



The QGIS software is supported with some crazy features for styling and creating 3-D images. The cool picker, Interacting Styling Dock, Blending modes, Live Layer effect, QGIS2ThreeJS plugin etc make this software the best for mobile applications indoor and outdoor mapping.


  • Virtual Layers:

This enables to define a layer based on an SQL query. It doesn’t matter in which format your file is, you can use Spatial SQL on shapefiles, KML, CSV’s etc.

Undoubtedly, some things are better and simpler in QGIS which are done with just fewer clicks.


  • Reprojecting layers
  • Converting between file formats
  • Being able to read so many file formats
  • Editing
  • Geometry generated symbol layers
  • Expression and Functions are the attractive part of the software.

QGIS is rapidly growing and new features are added all the time. It has multi-language support. The more efforts you put, the more credibility of the software you explore.

It has huge support on the stack exchange. It’s high time that we realize, QGIS can do everything that we want. Before you make a decision to buy GIS, it is recommended to find the customer’s review, comments created using Customer satisfaction algorithm. They indeed have made the work easy for Us.