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Fully scalable and robust Retail IT solution provider:

MyappGurus manages all the Retail mobile application solution at a flat-rate fee. With the continual delivery of technical support, we lead in customer satisfaction.


Best supply chain management app

Due to an increased inclination of shoppers to purchase their desired goods online, E-commerce is hugely capturing retail sales.

This has lead to the scenario that retail stores all over the world are looking for integrated retail solutions which can facilitate them to give the best consumer experience as well as a sales boost.

With complete visibility of the supply chain, we ensure compliance with food safety regulations which are monitored by our Track and Trace solutions.

At IoT works, MyAppGurus create entirely new services delivering measurable business outcomes. These experiences will have an increasing role in differentiating enterprises and helping them become the 21st-century enterprise.

The finest decision of integrating Retail planning with an application

Coordinated Retail Planning structure adjusts your production network and merchandise plan with long-haul business procedures.

Our industries well-crafted services help to UI design and build key platform components of our customer’s Digital technologies, powering their Digital transformation journeys.


Provide your customers with a seamless communication experience

With the increase in the speed of collaboration and employee engagement, the quality of communication is also increased.

MyAppGurus offers end-to-end smart retail solutions by incorporating disruptive technologies and adopting transformative business models in both physical as well as digital retail spaces.

Retail solutions are created by our industry experts that will redefine the core retail operations by implementing disruptive technologies.

Improve operational efficiency with a mobile application

All the latest technological trends such as coupons/payments, geofencing alerts, NFC etc are incorporated to provide the best mobility solutions.

Our Applications business is organized around 11 incorporated horizontal capacities, enabling us to offer customers a full lifecycle of frameworks combination counseling administrations. This guarantees a bound together way to deal with building up the correct answers for their business needs.


Why MyAppGurus?

  • Proper testing and trial before the product hit the market.
  • We don’t engage in trial & error so you can be assured that the product will be within your budget and reach.
  • Our team has a majority of experience in crafting the best solution for the retail sector.
  • Clients needs and requirements are taken into consideration before implementing any changes.

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