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Shop Express

About Shop Express

Shop Express is your picture-perfect eCommerce platform where buyers have the choice to purchase their desired items with great user experience. It gives the right to the admin to manage product listing with the help of an easy to access the portal and its configuration on mobile app and browser.

Project Highlight

  • Shop Express is an eCommerce website that is fully SEO-friendly consisting of brand name, category, and sub-category.
  • The app provides the option to share products and its details along with an offer and image on social media platforms from the direct website with a single click. 
  • There is no need to sign on the website. Users can simply log in with their personal social media account by simply filling address details at the time of checkout.
  • With the help of the app, users can see vendor details with the product and send the message for product inquiry to the admin, if any.
  • This app saves the past search record and order history in the user’s account. So, the next time, there is no need to search for the same type of product or clicking on the same product in the search history. Users can easily get this information on the specific product page.

Solution Provided

  • The website has garnered lots of visitors thanks to its powerful SEO structured content.
  • The homepage of the website is fully dynamic mode, especially for the admin. This enables them to post new products and offers on the home page. 
  • In the sidebar, there is an option to arrange menu and sub-menu along with product posting and presentation.
  • It consists of a user-friendly UI that provides an excellent quick view of the product and its details. 
  • It consists of an integrated safe and 100% secure product cart system that enables users to do edit, remove, and add products in the cart.
  • It consists of an extensive dashboard for admin. The dashboard provides a quick analysis of purchase, sales, refund, and request. It is fully dynamic which allows admin to set the modules as per their individual requirements.