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The problem: Complex and manual existing system

● Generating coupons and managing them on time was big deal.
● Getting a large amount of data from the server and showing in Map/List View was a
hassle task.

Challenges deep-dive

Deals from Merchant
Offering the customers with best deals via push notification by maintaining real-time data available from the merchants.

Map/List View
Show the map and list view according to the shops along with offer details if any.

Merchant data
Storing bulk data on the device that contains merchants’ details.
Optimizing the application startup time for showing bulk data.



  • Map view:
    • Map view with merchant’s location is made available. We used the
      cluster to maintain pins in between the location.
    • Map view with merchants location is showing and we have used
      cluster to maintain pins in between
  • Showing Bulk data:
    • Bulk data is being sent from the server and showed at end-user
    • To compress the bulk data we have used gzip inside the app and at
      the server end.
  • Coupon offer:
    • Maintaining the coupons for a time period and removing them
      according to the server’s time. Changing the time on the user’s device
      will not impact any further on the application.