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About Prengo

Pregno is a powerful application for gynecologist doctor for giving wonderful service to their valuable patients. It is a pregnancy companion app for pregnant women. It’s the best fit for getting daily updates & counseling from a senior doctor during the period of pregnancy. Thanks to this app, the doctor can effortlessly add a diet plan and provide information about tips to take care of during pregnancy on a daily basis. All in all, the application plays a vital role in creating a strong relationship between doctor & pregnant woman. With the help of the application, patients can get answers to some common questions related to pregnancy. In case, they wish to get comprehensive information, the app also helps the pregnant woman to connect with a doctor.

Project Highlight

  • Pregno will act as a companion for pregnant women where Ango doctor will provide all relevant information about the Do’s & Don’t during pregnancy
  • The application will consist of some articles which will be posted by Ango doctor.
  • There will be different types of services available in-app where free registered user can have limited access while the paid user will have access as per the selected plan.
  • A doctor can control the different portions of the application by deciding which features of applications can be accessed by free users.
  • In addition, there is an option to create a club of pregnant women where each user can share her thoughts on the wall of a club.
  • On Ango TV doctor can upload pregnancy-related videos and it can be seen by the user.
  • You can even see articles, suggestions & videos posted and verified by experts.

Solution Provided

  • The application provides good value to valuable patients of the gynecologist and which helps the doctor to increase their number of patients;
  • For pregnant women, this ingenious app acts as a perfect companion or virtual doctor who always stay with her and instructs the things that are best suited during the pregnancy period;
  • Daily pregnancy information feed on application by a verified doctor;
  • On top of the nutrition and health tips there is an option for buy solution/product on the application;
  • Video counseling and chat support available for users with expertise & verified doctors;
  • Comprises of a large community of would-be mom where once woman can share her thoughts, ideas, and problems with another thereby helping each other;
  • Provides complete control of the application to the doctor through which he/she can manage application, functions & its content at any given time by acting as an admin;
  • The application will have a database of each user and whenever admin needs to access, it will work seamlessly.