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iMedical App

About iMedical App

iMedical App is an online medical store application that assists in selling healthcare products where users can easily avail of different health products and its associate. This includes the purchase of online medicines, doctor consultation and appointment, find and book Spa & saloon, fitness care (gym) & pet’s care.

Project Highlight

  • It provides a platform to sell medical products on digital stores by enrolling with different vendors. In certain specific cases, you can even request specific medicines that can be sent to a particular store. 
  • It provides online & offline payment acceptance options to users. This way, users can either pay online or at the time of delivery, i.e., Cash on Delivery (COD).
  • This app provides a referral scheme and reward points for users through which online purchase users will get a reward point for purchase. They will even get points by referring a friend or family in the form of referral code registration/purchase. 
  • It gives an option to the admin to post articles on the website. They can even keep a track of comments and shares. Users can then submit the feedback of the service posted by the permission of the admin.
  • In case the users have uploaded prescription with dosages of multiple time or sequence for several days or months, the users will get a reminder for the next purchase on the basis of the prescription.
  • It provides different options for access to services of iMedical App, including access available on the web, Android, and iOS.
  • It provides an option to the admin through which they have the option to place offers and discounts on all or specific products or categories with an offer time period.

Solution Provided

  • It is an exclusive platform especially catering to buyers of any kind of healthcare requirement. It can be the purchase of medicine, consultation of a doctor or even getting information about the gym and products for pets. 
  • This app provides a secure and safe payment gateway that has been integrated in such a way that it enables users to purchase through online payment methods. Users can even use their reward points to convert in discount. 
  • The users have complete access to tracking orders, past history, digital invoices, and placing repeat/quick orders. 
  • It is possible to send a notification for a transaction or offer details from the system in the form of email, SMS and push notification to all or specific users. 
  • If a user wishes to purchase a product or service which is not available in the store, in certain cases, the admin will get purchase request notification in admin and email. Once the product becomes available in the store, the user will get a notification for the availability of the same product.
  • If the user wishes to consult a doctor, they need to select the doctor, date & time for the appointment of the visit. The same details will be forwarded to the doctor. Once confirmation is received from them, the user will get an appointment confirmation mail within specific hours.