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Farmer Irrigation

Project Highlight

  • Compatible with both Android and iPhone mobile devices and can also be accessed on any browser.
  • User can access various irrigation programmes for different types of the crops, fruits, etc. through this mobile application that will save human effort.
  • User can manage the existing program and add new programmes by changing or adding the details like selection of valve, duration, start/over time, number of fertilizers with their settings, irrigation cycle and days as per the need.
  • User can manage the running & future programmes and can also see the running status (Freeze, Start & Stop), status of the power connectivity, running pump, GSM Connectivity.
  • Shows the status of various input and output of the running program, connectivity of valve and GSM, Power(On/Off), fertilizer and filters used by current program.
  • User can set/reset the programme for start/over time, repeat cycle, number of days and date for Filter’s flushing and cleaning.
  • Event Logs assist user by showing the status of the running/ upcoming programmes, various connectivity like power supply, pump, GSM Connectivity, input/output.
  • User can control of all programmes and whole irrigation system remotely.
  • It has fertilizer calculator that would allow user to manage the quantity of all the fertilizers as per the requirement of the particular farm.
  • It has built-in calendar that will assist user for scheduling any event for certain days.

Solution Provided

  • We have prepared a mobile application which is designed to provide best quality Irrigation Services to the Farmers.
  • It has controller connected to various program with mobile number and controller id thatshows the live status of all the programmes.
  • Controller connected with the mobile application will shows the status of various parameters like power, battery, filters, fertilizers, various input and output of the programme.
  • Configuration and modification all the required parameters of the program for irrigation and fertilization as per the need of farm can be done using this application.
  • Event logs will be displayed in the chronological order of all the parameters of the running program assist user for finding the error in the program.
  • Irrigation system for any farm can be configured by sitting at one place. They just need to handle various programmes that can be start, stop or freeze any time and any where.
  • GSM Connectivity allows application for sending and receiving the messages for getting the updates of the running and upcoming programmes.