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Driver Awareness Protector

About Driver Awareness Protector

Driver Awareness Protector is a one-of-its-kind application that keeps a track of the current location and speed of the vehicle. If it is being driven beyond the limit of the speed system, the app will automatically send a notification to your loved ones.

  • Vehicle location history
  • Integrated Google Map API for getting directions, traffic update & time

Project Highlight

  • DAP tracks the live location & speed of the vehicle and inform the loved ones by an auto-dialed call about the vehicle’s speed. It will allow users to keep a tap of the vehicle on the app. Next thing, the users will be able to get all the relevant information like location, driven by, and speed. 
  • The app is integrated with Google Map API. So, if the user wishes to add a pre-defined destination and wants to share trip details to friends/family it will be helpful to get updated about the planned route & journey being on route.
  • The app will also have the option to set up a speed limit. This way, whenever the driver goes beyond the speed limit, the app will alert the driver by flashing screen and sending the invoice over speeding.
  • In case the app is running in the driver’s cell phone and it is mounted on the widescreen, it will monitor the face behavior of the driver like capturing the eye & face movement of the driver. It will send the notification to the user in case there are any abnormal activities found in monitoring like abnormal blinking of eyes, tiredness on the driver’s face, etc.

Solution Provided

  • Users can easily add and track multiple vehicles on a single app and get monitoring information of all the vehicles at the same time.
  • Users will always have control over the driver when it comes to judging their driving sense. They will also have an eye on the real-time location and monitoring the speed of the vehicle.
  • In case the user has a preset destination and route, the user will get updated about the fact of whether the vehicle is running on the selected route or not.
  • With the help of this effective app, users can get the update of every moment of the vehicle without even disturbing the driver.
  • In case, the vehicle is running on a different route than the preset route or vehicle goes over speed, the app will automatically call the user and inform them the same.
  • Now users can even get an update of the vehicle through SMS, push notification and call 
  • In case the user wishes to talk with the driver, the app will have an option that will enable them to call the driver through which they will be able to make a call to the driver on the app.
  • DAP Parent is a perfect app that assists in reducing road accidents and save people’s life.