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Document Scanner App

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About Document Scanner App

This app allows the user to capture an image of the document or to select an image of the document from the gallery for scanning. App has features like crop, applying a filter, rotate, etc. And save the scanned image either as PDF or JPEG format and maintains the history of saved images with the options like share and delete.

Project Highlight

  • The user can capture an image of the document or can take an image of document from gallery for scanning.
  • App user has the options to crop, apply filter, and rotate the image for the scanned document image.
  • User can save the scanned image in two formats either in PDF or JPEG format.
  • Previous scanned history is being saved which user can view later.
  • Got the options to delete or share the saved image.

Solution Provided

  • Made the UI user friendly and simple which helps the user to use this app easily.
  • Set the functionality of either to capture an image of the document through camera or user can take an image of the document from the gallery for scanning purpose.
  • We have implemented the cropping functionality to crop scanned image edge by edge for better scanned document.
  • The filter functionality is being integrated to apply dark mode to the fonts of the scanned document.
  • Have integrated the functionality to rotate the scanned image to set the view of the scanned document.
  • The user can view the history of the all scanned document for their reference and can easily edit or delete the document whenever needed.
  • Easy share options are being integrated by which user can share their images on multiple social media platforms.