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Colorify App Case Study

Man using mobile smartphone.

About Colorify

This app allows to select a drawing and colour it with the functionalities like stamp,figure,erase,etc. in an easy and sophisticated way.

Project Highlight

  • User can select a drawing for colouring it using various shades.
  • Colour the drawing either by using brush or pencil tool.
  • Colour background of selected drawing.
  • Apply different stamps on drawing.
  • Use different figures on drawing.
  • Erase the colour.
  • Undo/Redo with the drawing.
  • Save/delete drawing.

Solution Provided

  • Stamp Tool, Figure Tool, Brush Tool, Pencil Tool and Eraser Tool :
    • The app provides Smile,Star,and Heart stamps
    • The app provides Line,Arrow,Rectangle,Filled rectangle,Ellipse,Filled ellipse,Star platinum figures and more.
    • The app provides a brush to colour the drawing.
    • User can increase or decrease brush size.
    • The app provides a pencil to draw or colour the drawing.
    • The app provides an eraser to remove unwanted object or colour.
    • The app provides a brush to colour the drawing.
  • Undo/Redo :
    • User can perform n number of undo/redo operations on drawing, there’s no limit to the number of action.
  • Save/Delete
    • User can save drawing to device storage in one simple step.
    • Provided easy steps to erase all applied strokes and color on drawing by deleting it.
  • Zoom In/Out
    • Provided gesture control to zoom in/out with pinching fingers on the drawing.