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About Car App

CarApp is your ideal mobile app for driver & rider. If you wish to travel locally within the city it is the best transportation available. It is the perfect application for people who wish to travel but do not have a car. Thanks to the app, it becomes easier to have seamless communication between the driver and the rider. The amazing part is it provides the exact GPS location of the driver with an ingenious map that helps in reaching the destination with the exact route. This app has been developed especially for iOS and Android platforms. It functions in a seamless manner providing superlative experience to the riders.

Project Highlight

  • CarApp is made based on requirements for travelling of riders in local & intercity. 
  • The application has various contains screens with a different type of UI which are eye-catching & very useful for rider & driver both.
  • By using the Google Map plugin to get direction on the map driver has a clear idea of route & timing before start trip.
  • As the rider needs taxis for travelling at any time he can enter destination details in-app and the request will be sent to the nearest driver quickly. The driver will accept the same request and get the rider`s location in the app. The app will navigate the driver to reach the rider`s location. 
  • Application is available in iOS & android platform and working very seamless and fast.
  • It utilizes a dual way rating system for rider & driver so both can give a rating to each other after completing the trip.

Solution Provided

  • We have integrated Google Map API Direction Service that receives direction requests and returns an efficient path.
  • It is possible to draw the shortest path between two points on the map prior to starting the trip on the app.
  • The app auto-calculates distance, cost, time, and route on the app by entering the destination. This way, riders will have a fair idea about the time that will be required to reach the destination and the estimated cost. 
  • It consists of an easy to custom layout for both rider and driver apps which help easy to access the app.
  • It sends automatic push notification to the rider when the driver accepts the trip on the start trip.
  • Once the trip gets successfully completed, there will be an option to give feedback about the journey. This will work on both sides, i.e., riders and drivers.