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Barcode Scanner App


Key Points

  • Now create and scan your QR/barcode details very easily.
  • Users can save scan details.
  • Camera switch for creating and generate QR/Barcode with front and back camera.
  • The app also provides open saving details with real-time app i.e user can redirect to an application like Email, Phone, Browser, google search.
  • Sophisticated scan history  view which can be filtered by category of the scan history like number, email, URL etc
  • Users can also scan QR/barcode using FlashLight.
  • Various time filters, i.e. phone, email,url  and text..

Technical Implementations

Multiple filters
The app is allow user to filter scan detail. I.e number,email,url,text with delete option.


Multi Scan & Create Code Support
User can scan below type of code easily,
– code 128,39,93
– codebar
– information lattice
– maxicode
– aztec etc.


Quickly Scan & Generate Support
User can quickly scan and generate barcode and qr code so he/she can save much time


  • Multiple type of code scanning so don’t need to download another scanning application.
  • Save the scan detail so share and use many times..
  • QR Code or Barcode Scanner is faster and accurate which can be used offline.