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2D3D Floor Plan Maps

Project Highlight

  • App needs to allow user to switch floor plans between 2d/3d view in indoor locations.
  • App should show only annotations on map as and when user zooms in or loads particular area on floor plan.
  • To create layer for floor plans, each layer should have a separate geojson file to be generated or need AutoCAD files to be converted to geojson files.

Solution Provided

  • The application helps to explore and view 2d/3d indoor floor plans.
  • The user can search for stall/location situated under floor plans and get the details of each stall/location on single tap.
  • The user will get the direction from one stall/location to another.
  • User can retrieve the list of stall/location situated under floor plans.
  • We have used third party library to match the solution to create the 2d/3d views for indoor locations.
  • Indoor location clustering provides the clustering on annotation, so that when user zoom into the area only relevant annotations will be shown.