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Mobile App Security – A Key Component for Success of Modern Businesses

Tips to Increase Mobile App Security

Mobile App Security – A Key Component for Success of Modern Businesses

Technology is a double-edged sword that can work as an asset. However, if used in a negative manner it can prove to be a liability, especially for the owners.

Have you have ever wondered how easy it is to hack, manipulate or perform digital fraud in the form of malware using your mobile app? Yes, it is true! Mobile app security has become a matter of concern in recent times. With the advancement in technology, we are seeing criminal manipulations being conducted with the help of the mobile app. This makes it highly imperative for you to be high alert when it comes to technology in regards to personal responses and corporate communication. This way, it would become possible to protect digital integrity on mobile devices.

In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we will be dealing with the question of app security and the different ways to enhance it for your business. We promise after reading this piece of content; you will be in a far better space to execute your plans to protect your mobile app from getting vulnerable to attacks from potential hackers.

Let’s deal with the primary question that you might have as we write this blog: Why is app security so critical, especially from an organizational point of view? This can be answered by practically digging into the corporate world in today’s time. There is hardly any business that does not engage with at least a dozen mobile apps during the day. At that time, they employ these apps to offer one or the other service to national or international brands.  

There are lots of mobile apps available in the market today. You can think of any service, and there is an app for it. For example, picture taking, financial management, weight loss, general entertainment, and social networking. These apps can do practically anything. These apps even run companies and also budgets and employee software!

However, as we have already mentioned at the start, technology is both good and bad for businesses and users. Good because they help us to conduct our mundane tasks with ease. Bad because these apps are subject to security threats, especially those related to business brands. Often criminal elements try to make profits from organizations and employees who employ mobile devices. But, they hardly pay attention to proper mobile app security processes.

In case a mobile app is attacked by a malware or a device user downloads a rogue app that has not come from an authentic source, they can be prone to digital fraud. Some of the worst scenarios that can occur in such situations include:

  1. Stolen financial login credentials;
  2. Stolen and resold credit card details;
  3. Hackers getting into your business networks;
  4. Large scale identity theft;
  5. Devices being employed to spread malware to uninfected devices;
  6. .txt or SMS messages getting copied and scanned to get private info.

You end up receiving:

  1. Poor end-user experience;
  2. Negative effects on the reputation of the brand;
  3. Steady financial losses on a regular basis.

Now, that you have understood the adverse effects of comprised mobile app security as promised, it is time to look at some of the tried & tested tips to increase it.


Provide Digital Security Training to your Employees

Provide Digital Security Training to your Employees


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Keyboard with security button – computer security concept

This is especially critical in the modern business environment. The reason being, today, most of the people use mobile apps, and this includes employees of an organization. Hence, it becomes imperative to inform them about the potential vulnerability to attacks from malware websites and phishing attempts. 

By teaching them all these things, you are making sure that they take informed steps so that the information that is shared is safe and protected. 

It will also guide them to take informed response procedures in case their app security is compromised. This will ensure that they are well-informed in advance, which will help them protect themselves from getting into vulnerable spots concerning digital security.

Keep Your Eyes Wide Open and Look Out for Rogue Apps

As time has gone by, today there are lots of mobile app development platforms that are selling apps in the market. This has resulted in a scenario wherein it becomes difficult to gauge whether an app is legitimate or has come from an unauthorized app download platform. 

Remember, always check the brand name, logo, or messaging before downloading an app on your mobile device. 

If you suspect any app that does not seem to come from an authentic source, report it so that it can be taken down as soon as possible.


Have a Brand-Specific Data Security Strategy and Policy in Place

It is essential to have data security and policy in place, which keeps track of all the active compiling and resolution of all possible data breaches. 

This is where it is essential to ask your development team or IT team to execute secure encryption whenever data is transferred between multiple devices. 


Never Follow The Practice of Saving Passwords in the System or Cloud

In case, an app requires you to login using a username and password, never save the passwords in the system or cloud. 

The reason being, it encourages the harvesting of private credentials that can be employed to hack other networks or devices.


Always End the User Session Once They Log Out or Close Your App

Make it a practice to end the user session once they log out or close your app. This will keep the information secured. 

Also, close the session on every logout and ask them to log back to get access. 

You should also log out the user after a predetermined inactivity period for additional security.


Go One Step Ahead of Anti-Malware by Providing Additional Layer of Security

Various mobile app development companies have security resources in place that predominantly scan devices for known malware by employing anti-malware. Then, they alert the user by providing an option to get rid of anything found.  

While this is a great preventive measure, you should also have more corporate digital security measures in place. This includes behavioral analysis tools, traffic monitoring, encryption routines, and much more.


Invest in a Mobile App Security Suite

Your organization can strengthen security by investing in a security suite that provides services like rogue app takedown, app monitoring, and data analysis.


Conduct Regular Security Testing

Today, we see an increase in online fraud. There are loads of methods adopted by companies to protect themselves from this security threat. 

The very first thing that can be done is to check for any updates of the apps regularly. 

Always do not forget to scrutinize for vulnerabilities, never rush patches or development, and monitor malware and mobile app news to get familiar with the most current security threats.    

If you need more information on mobile app security tips, get in touch with a proficient mobile application development company and resolve all your app security concerns today!