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How is Software Development Used in the Healthcare System?

How is Software Development Used in the Healthcare System?

How is Software Development Used in the Healthcare System?

The use of software in healthcare is increasing exponentially. This is partly because of the transition of all other fields to digital platforms and the increasing demands of healthcare software development. Software development is integral to efficiently improve the working environment and performance of healthcare organizations. The software has been developed to improve the medical documentation systems, personal healthcare tools such as smart applications and devices, and enhanced interaction between patients and medical communities for access to information and consultation. If you’re looking for a custom healthcare software development company, you can reach us at Invozone and we will take care of your requirements and concerns from thereon.

Let’s Take a Look at the Most Requested Healthcare Software Development Systems to Optimize Healthcare:

Electronic Health Records:

We all have kept handwritten or typed paper files of our medical records at some point in life. The evolution of healthcare software development and the emergence of electronic health records have rendered paper-based health records obsolete. Electronic health record (EHR) is the most comprehensive patient data record system put together to facilitate patients and lessen the burden from the healthcare system. All the data is in digital form and stored in a secure digital platform. Access to the data is only granted to authorized persons. It includes the following:

  • Patient medical history
  • Record of diagnoses
  • Record of medicines
  • Treatment plans
  • Vaccination history
  • Information on allergies
  • Radiological images
  • Record of laboratory tests

EHR technology has enabled laboratories, specialists, healthcare providers, pharmacies, emergency facilities, schools, and tele clinics to work in collaboration and have access to the necessary and important information. Healthcare software developers work with different healthcare units and make the required systems to facilitate healthcare as a whole.

According to Health Tracking Polls, Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), a leader in US healthcare policy analysis, the use of Computer-Based Medical Records has doubled in the last 10 years.

This speaks for the popularity of the EHR system and how it has revolutionized the department of medical records and its workings.

Mobile Health Apps:

The popularity of mobile apps is soaring and healthcare systems are no exception to it. Healthcare systems are employing the latest technology in mobile apps for efficient and smart diagnoses and health facilities. According to statistics, by 2020, the costs of mobile app development in the healthcare industry will reach 58.8 billion dollars. By comparison, in 2017 it was 25.39 billion. The numbers are enough of a statement for the rising trend of healthcare custom software development.

Doctors and patients are equally making use of the mobile apps and down below are some of the common mHealth application groups:

  • Mobile applications for the management of chronic care
  • Fitness applications
  • Dedicated women’s health applications
  • Drug management applications
  • Personal health monitoring applications
  • Communication and consultation applications

This entails that all groups including the doctors, patients, medical business owners, and developers. The configuration of stars especially at one’s birth that in astrology determines one’s fate or status in life

Hospital Management Software:

A well-organized and managed hospital is a good hospital. The smooth running of a hospital requires detailed administration. Hospital management software helps in improving administrative structure and distribution of essential tasks among the team to improve the overall efficiency and management of the hospital. Healthcare software development has done wonders in revolutionizing the management structures of the hospital. Hospital management software helps in keeping the workflow in check, assigning tasks to healthcare workers, and meeting deadlines.

With the implementation of Hospital Management Software, it becomes possible to:

  • Improve patient care
  • Improve the management reporting system
  • Optimize the various activities and collaborations across departments
  • Single point of control and management

The working of medical institutions has improved manifolds since the adoption of hospital management software. The system has become more cohesive and systemized improving patient care.

E-prescribing Healthcare Software:

While visiting a doctor, the infamous handwriting for prescription is one thing that everyone notices and jokes about. With the use of E-prescriptions, no more illegible handwriting. The handwriting of the doctors has become a cliché and it’s time to move past it and get equipped with modern technologies and techniques and avoid any misunderstandings stemming from handwritten prescriptions. This allows them to create and send prescriptions electronically, saving time and the hassle of visiting the doctor in person to get a prescription. Doctors can transfer the prescriptions directly from their devices to the pharmacies and all of this is just one click away.

Electronic prescriptions are time-efficient, accurate, and get recorded for further uses.

Medical Research Software:

While healthcare software development has had great success in the present and has revolutionized the healthcare system, it promises a great future ahead. Medical research is integral to the advancement and exploration of drugs and treatments for future uses. The pandemic has further strengthened the importance of research in the medical field and every step in that direction is vital. Medical research comes to the rescue when critical cases and viruses surface. The software can be developed to work as a repository where doctors can document and revive their results for further research and innovations. Programs can be integrated with EHR to give doctors the ability to use information from patient files for medical research. Custom healthcare software development company can work in collaboration with medical organizations to develop software to facilitate the research processes. This will prove to be a stepping stone in the right direction to deal with future impediments.


Technology and software development has opened new avenues for innovation and creation in every field and healthcare is no exception to this. It has greatly benefited from the adoption of software to assist patients timely and with enhanced efficiency. The development of healthcare software like telemedicine and mobile clinics have helped provide medical assistance to patients in far-fetched areas which was an unimaginable endeavor in the past. Doctors have come up with mobile applications to give immediate medical help to rape survivors both physically and psychologically. Mental health is one area where technology can help connect people with medical specialists to create awareness around the stigmatized topic.