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Freelancer or Mobile App Development Company: Which one is best?

Freelancer or Mobile App Development Company: Which one is best?

Mobile applications have become an integral part of every successful business. So, if you still don’t have one for your business, you are missing an important part of modern business operations. But there is a contentious issue that often confuses people. With the crazy development of the smartphone industry, mobile applications are becoming essential for business. If you don’t already know the business and need an app, you may be confused if you choose to develop the app from a development company or freelancer. Well, before you hire a mobile app development agency or freelance developers, make sure who will benefit from the project.


While a freelancer mobile app developer can give you significant facetime, they may not always love honest feedback on their craftsmanship. On the other hand, a relationship with an application development company is likely to be a little more impersonal, but all feedback goes through an intermediary (an account manager) who has to become something longer-term with proven communication paths. Then you need to decide if you are best placed against a freelance application developer or an application development company. Today we are trying to clarify these debates here. Still don’t understand which debate this is? Well, those looking for mobile app development are talking about ancient debates;

Service Quality and Dedication


The freelancer can be called a one-man army. He will be responsible for the entire project you assign to them. They usually work on several projects at the same time. So they set their own priority according to which they will implement their project. It is never a healthy choice for an organization to hire such a person, especially if they have specific bandwidth limitations.


One of the best benefits of hiring a mobile app development company is that they have their own in-house team for various development jobs. So it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a company that provides Android app development services or iOS, you can get it all right away. Also, you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines as they have a special team, especially for their project.

Skills and Knowledge


Even if a freelancer is skillful and educated, everyone has their limits. So there will be a point where a freelancer will be immersed in their work. They mostly depend on developer communities and forums to get an answer. This is an uncertain and lengthy process. In addition, it is rare for a freelancer to have such skills.


Reputation is one of the most important factors that are most important for a company. So they always hire specialized and highly trained developers in their company. Giving a project to a team from such a company automatically guarantees the quality of the end result.

Prices and Contract


Although hiring a freelancer is cheaper than hiring a mobile app development company, it comes at a cost. It is most difficult to find freelancers who offer a valid contract or a fixed price. So, even if the work starts at a cheaper price, it sometimes ends up higher than the price of the company. Also, a common problem that almost all freelance tenants face is an incomplete project. Most of the time, the freelancer left the job without warning because of his other commitments. If you face something like this, you will also lose money and time.


If you hire a famous mobile app development company, you don’t have to worry about such things. Most companies offer a customized payment method. You also get fixed-price and hourly payment options from them. The entire project is done within the quote and according to the contract unless you need something extra. This will help you implement the project within your budget. Mobile App Development Freelancers

Pros of Hiring Freelance Mobile App Developer

  • There are some awesome freelance application developers – they wouldn’t be willing to draw attention to this. Often their reputation for producing high-quality results has laid the groundwork for freelance activity.
  • Freelancers are always consistently cheaper. Less overhead means freelancers can pay less for the price of construction, which is undoubtedly a pleasure for their superiors.
  • Closer cooperation with the project. Freelancers app developers are happy to work with you on the spot, which can help them better reflect your business in the application.

Cons of Hiring Freelance Mobile App Developer

  • Availability may prove a problem. At a time, freelancers can only work on one project. This can benefit you initially, but it can go differently if your application development project runs overtime.
  • You have to lead the project. This is a particular thing nonetheless, but a freelancer will look for the answer if the project encounters a problem. An appropriate answer may not be available.
  • It is virtually impossible to find freelancers who can do “a lot”: write code, design the user interface, test for bugs, and so on. If you manage to find such a unicorn, please let us know because it is highly unlikely that you will. There’s a good chance you’ll hire more freelancers to get the job done. This often means taking on the role of application development project manager effectively, which you may not have the time or desire for.

Mobile App Development Company

Pros of Hiring Mobile App Development Company

  • You can have access to a whole versatile team that can run the project from start to finish (and beyond that, business applications may need to be updated).
  • A culture of competition and cooperation is an advantage. This can help meet strict deadlines and result in an extraordinary end product.
  • Application development companies have project managers whose job it is to make sure the project is progressing properly.

Cons of Hiring Mobile App Development Company

  • This is usually a larger investment, but you use the services of a development team, their project management systems, and most importantly the quality assurance process – not the individual.
  • About as far as the disadvantages are concerned. However, we understand that for most businesses, budget is the biggest factor in deciding whether to hire an application developer on a freelance or agency basis.


Based on the above, it is very clear that hiring a mobile app development company is always better than hiring a freelancer. If your idea is one million and you need the right mobile app development partner, make sure you explore these points very intricately. Just make sure you follow a few guidelines while hiring a mobile development company, as we explained in our previous article, that’s it. Remember to get the optimal result, always go to the professionals.