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Here’s Yet Another List Of Exciting Mobile Applications Ideas For 2019

Exciting Mobile Applications Ideas For 2019-

Here’s Yet Another List Of Exciting Mobile Applications Ideas For 2019

Ideas usually arise from a problem. You’ve experienced some kind of problem, you feel frustrated and there you go and find a solution to fix it. You think for yourself and create some sort of technology-based solution. Sounds Logical, but try to understand if this solution is going to work for the bigger audience?

People are unique. The irritants that grind your gears might not be annoying others.

Mobile App Development is an expression of ourselves and also a reflection of things missing in the world. New digital products and a disruptive application will set the world on fire. Coming up and generating an app with an endless amount of possibilities can actually be daunting. This a step by step method to find a solution to our own problem.

Let’s go through some of the new app ideas which can change the world for you.:

1) Scan and Shop app:

Scan the desired item and the app searches out online sites for you where you can do shopping.

2) A Graphical Restaurant Reservation:

This shall allow you to reserve a seat in your favorite restaurant and check its graphical layout, sitting arrangement and more.

3) Geographical location alert app:

Create an app where you set your safe locations. Add the contacts of the person whom the app can contact when in difficulty. This app will send an emergency alert to your contacts whenever you visit any random/danger places apart from the mentioned ones. We probably grew up using GIS software formally known as Quantum Geographical Information System software.

It’s a very impressive software and has many capabilities. It doesn’t matter if you use it for Android, iOS mobile application, it works cross-platform. Being open-source software, you do not have to worry about breaking the law with the licenses.

Outdoor navigation is never a problem, but navigating indoor is a tough task. There is a need to create an algorithm that works for every building and every user. QGIS software Serves this need of the hour.

4) Lend your Items app:

Traveling to another country/City and forgot your Camera? Don’t worry! This app would allow you to get in touch with the persons who can give on rent their own cameras. This app would work for everything that can be rented.

5) Criminal alert app:

It has records of all the criminals in your city and can send you alerts about wanted criminals in your area. It facilitates an alert button to inform the police.

6) Smart SuperMarket checkout:

This app allows you to scan products while shopping and makes an invoice/bill accordingly so that you do not have to stand in a queue.

7) A security controller app:

This app would let you control all the security devices within your house or office space.

8) Car sharing app:

A real-time car-sharing app that would allow you to rent your car whenever the car is not in use and also that you can share your car while going somewhere so that others who want to ride can join you and can split the share accordingly.

9) A receipt management app:

This app would store all the receipts, data and bills in a single place. You no longer have to manage it manually. It will also facilitate the store manager to directly send the receipt to your mobile.

10) Car Parking locator:

Looking out for a parking space would no more be a hassle. This app would allow you to find a safe free or paid parking space according to the location.

11) Unknown Footsteps locator:

You can secure your home for your child by developing such application which recognizes known footsteps or frequently visited footsteps.

12) A Food donation app:

This app would connect area wise restaurants or event managers to collect extra food from their restaurants/events every day. This way the food would not be wasted and can be donated to poor people

13) Set the Calendar:

An app that allows to set the calendar for you verbally and notify beforehand for the meetings and appointments.

14) Design your clothes:

Will scan your body through the camera and take tentative measurements. This virtual tailor app will bring up some customized ideas and designs for you.

15) Share the bills:

Allow your roommates, colleagues, and friends to share the bill amounts. This app facilitates each share calculation after all Sharing is Caring.

16) Translate your voice to different languages:

This app would allow you to translate your voice messages into any language which is preferred by you and can send the message accordingly.

17) Storytelling app:

Select a language, select an author/Story and there you go. You can listen to your favorite stories just by sitting at home or a garden.

18) Movie recommendation app:

An app that will recommend you a movie based on your mood.

19) Subscription Organizer:

Such an app would keep records of all your bills and subscription, would alert you as the payment date arrives.

20) Shopping assistant app:

This app would send you brand suggestions, sales and discounts of the clothes, purses, or anything you want to purchase.

21) Pet caretaker:

If you have a pet at home, you are always worried about them when you are traveling. This app would allow you to contact people who want to take care of your pets when you are not in town.

22) An event pop up:

An app that will show you events and organizers details according to the location and help you book tickets with easy payment methods.

23) Hire a Driver:

This amazing app contains a list of drivers available on a scheduled travel date. Thus, you can hire a driver for your travel anywhere, anytime.

24) Flower name suggestion:

This app would have all the names of plants and flowers that are possible to include so that next time you offer someone a flower, you at least know its name.

25) Recipe aggregator:

This app would have recipes from around the world. Cook your favorite food item just by selecting the recipe.

26) Live videos from school streaming:

Don’t worry if you missed out a school lecture or a seminar. This app has stored it all for you.

27) Virtual interior designer:

This app would serve you as a virtual assistant while designing. Scan your new home/offices and design it all by yourself.

28) A Song Finder app:

Sometimes, all you remember is the tune of the songs and not the words. This app would do the exact searching for your favorite song.

29) Grocery planner:

It would take care of all the input grocery items and alert them when it would be on the verge of finish.

30) An app for freelancers:

Know your skills and work on it. The employer will be able to contact you and work with you according to the skills mentioned.

31) Your virtual guide:

This app stores all the information about the places. You will no more need a travel assistant.

32) Find your Team

This app would allow you to contact people with the same interest as yours and you can select and work with them if you want.

It’s All About Your Idea Execution!

Hope these ideas will help your startup venture. Android App Development And iPhone App Development that engage users’ more in app-ecosystem.

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