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Enlightening the education industry with our IT solutions

Develop fully interactive and functioning mobile applications:

Being a real-world business solution provider, we avail different IT solutions for the education industry.


Modern E-learning applications

MyAppsGurus helps to take a step forward to modern learnings by providing excellent E-learning services. Student’s interaction with studies and learnings from their Home or outside has drastically changed due to E-learnings.

An Application to Automatize the management process

Due to globalization and to be in the running race, educational organizations and institutes have now geared up to use advanced technology. The use of MyAppsGurus Educational apps will facilitate management of countless processes which earlier were done manually.

Instead of doing tiring work of manually entering the data and keeping the students and teachers record, it becomes easy to manage it online. Student absenteeism, fee records, etc can be managed with applications.


Training and Learnings were never so fun

Online training is no more a hassle. MyAppsGurus have a complete solution as per your specific need. The apps are highly interactive to engage students in furnishing their knowledge.

Real-time and practical training can be incorporated into the application. The application supports high-end tools which can upload Audios and videos for the study purpose.

Digital library: This enables students to choose their favorite book from the e-library. You can enjoy reading in your leisure time and enhance your knowledge from a plethora of books.

Make an application that conducts the exams and gives result instantly

This feature helps students to increase their skills and proficiency based on real exam patterns and instant results.
eBook Learnings: The whole learning experience can be made seamless by learning through eBooks. This will help children discover a love of reading and serve as a gateway.


Reasons to choose Us:

MyAppsGurus works upon transforming the education industry by providing advanced level learning management solutions based on latest technologies. Our motto is to implant personalize learning experience in students and boost their outcomes. The committed centers of MyAppsGurus for providing solutions for E-Learning apps can shape up your integrated educational solutions.

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