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7 Primary Things to Keep in Mind While Developing a Food Delivery App

Developing a Food Delivery App

7 Primary Things to Keep in Mind While Developing a Food Delivery App

Several food delivery giants like UberEats, Zomato and Delivery Hero have raised the bar for door-to-door food delivery services. Almost every family orders food online at least once every month. It is therefore not surprising to note that the online food delivery market is ruling the app world and is estimated to grow at an annual rate of 7.5%, which will amount to $164,002m by the year 2024. In case you wish to enter the food app genre by launching your very own food delivery startup, consider these three things before developing by food delivery app. This will help you get more online revenue-generating opportunities. 

Using your mobiles to order food online is not something new. In the past, people used to order through their telephones. Today they have started using dedicated online delivery platforms connected with particular restaurants. Thus, the process of ordering food has become quite effortless. 

With this constant demand for on demand food delivery app development, we at MyAppGurus have found out a steady increase in the market for food delivery app development in the US. Today there is a demand for “delivery near me” options. 

The most significant advantage of mobile development of such food apps is that it saves lots of labor expenses as the staff is not tied to the phone nor at the counter. It is also possible to get greater accuracy of an online order, enhanced convenience for the guest and simple order processing that helps food delivery apps to create their niche.

Along with this, our food app developers also found the top five countries leading in the “Uber for delivery” segment. These five countries are Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States. The number of users is going to rise to 858 million by the year 2024. This goes to show that there will be an increase in food app development. If you don’t have any experience with graphic design, then use the best menu maker app or use online menu creator tools and start creating appealing menus by yourself.

This is excellent news for the investors as they would be eager to get their hands on this particular niche. According to The Investor, Deliver Heros, one of the reputed food delivery apps, has raised approximately 2.3 billion Euros, i.e., US $2.56 billion). The company is known for its unique way of integrating food with tech.

Their team researches for breakthrough ideas whether it is exploring new kitchen concepts, finding new ways of using data Apps like Zomato which is now available in more than 40 countries across five continents. Their objective is to provide a fantastic delivery experience to their online users. 

Let’s now look at some of the primary things that you need to keep in mind while developing a food delivery app.

It is a Must to Include Appealing Interface, Attractive Food Photos and Extensive Menu

If you wish to create a power-packed app, it is imperative to design a user-friendly intuitive app interface. This very reason makes food delivery apps like Zomato rank higher in the online delivery charts. Having started your food delivery business recently, you must consider these attractive elements.

Attractive Food Photos

Attractive Food PhotosSource: manoramaonline.com

Your app should have great food photos with their food joints. This way, you can build trust with your customers and also collaborate with food startup registered through your app.

Extensive Menu

Extensive Food Menusource: mifunedumaguete.com

The key to success while developing a food app is to provide an extensive menu. On top of that, if you can deliver seamless navigation, it would add more value to your app. Create your menu based on categories so that it becomes easier for your customers to browse. 

Search Bar Integration

Search Bar Integration in food appSource: iamsteve.me

There is no question about it. For the success of your app, you need to provide a search bar such that your customers can find their favorite cuisines, dishes, food joints directly through it. This will reduce the time spent on scrolling, and the customers will be able to order their food as soon as possible. 

GPS Map Locator

GPS Map Locator on Food AppSource: technofaq.org

Through this map integration, the owner, as well as the user, will be able to keep track of the delivery from making of the food to pick up and drop. Thus, it is possible to correct all the loopholes if there are any during the food delivery process.


Multilingual option on food appSource: eventplanner.net

Have a translation feature available in your app so that your users can understand the ingredients and dishes in their own language. Thus, the users will have the information in their native language, which will ensure there is no confusion while ordering online.

These are some of the alluring elements that can enhance your app development. In case you wish to know more about the features and functionalities or have an exact food delivery app idea, discuss it with our business development team today!

Ensure that Users can Add More than One Address

While developing the app, you need to think about all the scenarios when the online user might order food. It can be a late-night work call or house shifting errands or family get-togethers or surprise parties. 

Hence, your app needs to give the necessary convenience to the users of adding more than one address. Give them the option to add the address manually. Also, allow them to save multiple addresses in the app. This will make your customers use your app whenever they need food. 

Useful Tip: Have a section of “View Previous Orders” in the app that enables your users to order the same food at the same or different address. This will give your users an additional to use and retain the app since they have to enter the address only once, and it will remain in the app until they use it. Isn’t that amazing?

Let the Users Opt for Their Delivery Services

Before placing the order, give the option to the users to scrutinize the food joint in terms of the approximate time to prepare food and the delivery time. Thanks to geolocation integration, you can reflect through the app, the delivery guy’s route, and the stipulated time. Let them decide where to order the food as per their convenience. 

This will ensure that there are no late delivery complaints as the users themselves choose the appropriate delivery time from the food joint.

Final Words

This is your chance to create your very own food delivery app. Simply share your ideas with us, and we would be glad to assist you with your mobile app development needs. Act today and reap huge profits from your food delivery app in the time to come.