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5 Amazing Reasons to Convert Your Website into Mobile App

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5 Amazing Reasons to Convert Your Website into Mobile App

It is often said that your brand name only exists if it can be found on Google. This very reason makes all the organizations and companies across all industries and sizes to a bare minimum develop a simple website that can be searched by users. Since then a lot has changed. Now it is no longer a case of only having a website. Today, become competitive and profitable it is important to do something bigger than this. By bigger, we mean turning a website into a mobile app. This can be done by availing the services of a reputed mobile app development company.

Everyone knows that mobile apps are highly useful when it comes to completing a wide array of tasks. With the help of apps in today’s times, it is possible to get all sorts of apps with a positive mindset. There are apps that suggest us what to eat and even apps that help us in scrutinizing the stock markets. Some apps also teach the art of learning the stock market. Odds are whatever activity or task that you require is already present in Google Play’s App Store.

The question is: What makes mobile apps highly desired by businesses? Let’s try and find out the answer. In comparison to regular desktop websites, mobile apps are far more engaging. It might not seem to be very appealing at first glance. However, with proper engagement, it is possible to increase the conversion rates, more returning customers, and several other perks that can be beneficial for the business. But, what makes the mobile apps engaging? Let’s try and list down the features for your convenience.

Mobile apps are more purpose-driven and very easy to use. Normally mobile apps are a simplified version of websites. The amazing thing about mobile apps is, they are meant to be used on the go. They are mostly used on specific and very significant tasks. This is the exact way for mobile users to undergo the comprehensive buyer’s journey starting from awareness to purchase stage while employing a mobile app.

Mobile apps provide a more interactive experience to users. In a website, users need to click on buttons and follow the links. While in the case of mobile apps, this works quite differently. It is possible to take screenshots, record voice, use smart gesture or use camera to activate different features.

Mobile apps are great when it comes to developing habits. This is possible with the help of push notifications. The other important factor is, users are able to see the logo on their screens every time they unlock a smartphone which assists companies a lot. It also enhances brand awareness and ensures that people come back to purchase a product or service on a frequent basis. Your logo represents a brand value, hence it must be crafted with perfection. Logo maker app is a one-stop solution that lets you create one without any design experience.

Let’s now try to find out the primary reason that makes businesses to need mobile apps and make them convert their website into the mobile app.

In business, everything comes down to marketing. And marketing is all about providing competitive advantages and being ready to travel an extra mile to exceed the expectations of the customers. All this can be made possible with the help of mobile apps.

Some other reasons include.

1. Mobile Apps can be Employed as an Additional Marketing Channel

In today’s competitive business world, only providing a good service or product is not enough for success. There are very strong competitors out there. Marketing is the only way you can get noticed. The more marketing channels are utilized by a company, the better is the reach and exposure. In other words, mobile apps are a great way to attract and engage target groups that would be impossible to reach. This is your chance to make the most of this opportunity which is easy to implement and will not cost much.

For example, If your company is operating in the healthcare domain and wish to attract a younger audience, it is about time to convert your website into a mobile app. It should be noted that Millennials make the largest group of smartphone users. This is the best way to reach them through this new marketing channel.

In recent years, firms that offer online graphic design services have started creating mobile apps that provide specific tools, such as flyer maker, poster maker, logo maker applications. These apps help you create quick social media designs.

2. Mobile Apps Make It Easier to Generate Leads

It is often said that visitors are key to the success of a business but leads are even better. In other words, leads can be defined as those strangers who have already heard about the company or business and got engaged with it in certain ways. As time goes by mobile apps are becoming more user-friendly and minimalist, which let users stay focused on taking action you would like them to take. Some of these actions include subscribing to a newsletter, providing feedback, or filling an opt-in form.

The problem with most of the websites is they provide loads full of information simultaneously which confuses the users in selecting the links that they want to follow or the action they would like to take. To overcome this situation think that your company creates fitness apps, it is possible for you to offer a 1-month trial in exchange for their contact info. This way it will, not only help them to see the perks of your product, but also aid in converting them from strangers into leads.

3. Mobile Apps can Help Get Better Conversions

Source: https://www.appdexa.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Banner-4.jpg

When it comes to the idea of conversion, the very first thing that comes in mind is to take a specific action that would push them forward to the next stage of their buyer’s journey. This is where UX comes into the picture as a main hero. Conversion can only happen if there are no distractions that can divert the minds of the users. It is also possible when it is clear which actions should be taken next. It is a known fact that websites are truck-loaded with information in comparison to mobile apps. This very reason is enough to provide an apt reason that showcases the fact that mobile apps ensure better conversion rates in comparison to websites. According to statistics released on retail business, it was observed that mobile apps assist in converting 120% better than mobile websites and 20% better than desktop websites.

For example, if you are running a retail business, with the help of mobile apps, it is possible to remind your customers to complete their purchase or get back to your online store when the price of their selected items gets lower. With the help of one short notification, it is possible to convince people to purchase a product or even buy two products instead of one.

4. With the Help of Mobile Apps it is Possible to Get Extended Functionality

In desktop websites, there is no functionality to integrate a camera while this thing is possible with the help of a mobile app. You can even send push notifications or combine mobile data with a personal calendar. There are certain industries and businesses where such extra functions can make a world of difference. This way it is even possible to double their income. With the help of mobile app it is possible to get the users to interact more with your company.

For example, If you are having a business in the hospitality industry, with the help of extended functionality mobile app can let your guests access their rooms or other hotel facilities without using the key. This kind of functionality cannot be provided through a desktop website.

5. Mobile Apps are a Great Way to Engage and Retain Customer

This is the last but most important reason that encourages businesses to convert their website into a mobile app. There are two main metrics on which it is based: engagement and retention. It might happen that you attract as many as 1000 new users on a daily basis. But, if they are not coming back it means nothing. Mobile apps are not the only thing that can have a positive impact on these metrics but it is one of the most critical ones. With the help of mobile apps it is possible to send push notifications that prompt users to finish something or informing them about upcoming special deals and offers.

For example, imagine you are running a business related to the news. Thanks to push notifications, you can inform your users about the most talked about articles. It is even possible to make your users visit your news portal if in case there is a news material that is to their liking.

The Final Thoughts

We would like to wrap up this content piece by saying that the number of mobile apps is increasing day-by-day as we write. Lots of entrepreneurs are selecting the option of converting their website into a mobile app in order to drive their business to the pinnacle of success. If for some reason, your business has still not contemplated on having a mobile app of its own, now is the time to take the decisive step. Use mobile app development services from a professional mobile app development company.

Think about all the features that you wish to have in your app to make it stand apart from the competition. Take advice from expert marketers and mobile app developers. It is equally important to devise a comprehensive technical task. Then go ahead and hire the most qualified mobile app developers that can convert your website into a mobile app. This way your business will get a fresh breath of air before it is too late.