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Build Tinder-Like App by Using These Amazing Features

Tinder-Like App

Build Tinder-Like App by Using These Amazing Features

Today, the online dating app has become a hot-favorite development topic. The reason is, a growing number of people who are now looking to use dating apps. The generation-next, today, love to experiment and mingle along with people, and what better way than to try a dating app. One dating app that comes to our mind when we talk about dating app is Tinder. However, there are lots of other alternatives available today, like Ok Cupid, Bumble, Coffee meets Bagel, Raya, and much more. There are lots of other dating apps that are coming up as we write.

You will be surprised to know that by the year 2023, online users are estimated to grow swiftly by 37.5 million. This ultimately will have a positive impact on the revenue generation of the matchmaking industry in an organic manner. In the forthcoming paras, we have rounded up some essential online dating statistics on top of the top four features that need to be integrated into your dating app development.

Match your profile with new person

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In earlier days, people used to meet their perfect match through friends or friends-of-friends or try to hook up with people in the extended circle. Back to the present, we see people employing Tinder. This way, the online dating scene has taken a significant paradigm shift, which has revamped the entire matchmaking scenario. Today, several dating and matchmaking startups are looking to gain exposure online. If you wish to take advantage of this trend, hire Android app developers for a dating app and provide a seamless online experience to the users.

At MyAppGurus, we have a team of dating app developers who constantly upgrade their skillsets as per the online dating trends. In all, so far, we have developed more than four dozen matchmaking apps and are looking to continuously strive for the best to get more in the dating genre. Digital trends have taken over the globe, and today, we see everything before performed online. You can also check out several amazing mobility solutions to the dating industry. Let’s now look at some of the scintillating statistics of the glittery online dating industry.

1. As we write, the online dating app users are swiftly increasing. Last year, roughly 33.9 million users were accessing online dating, and the number is expected to reach 37.5 million by the year 2023.

2. According to research conducted by statista, online dating revenue is $ US 555 million, which is projected to reach $ US 649 million in the year 2023.

Now that you have looked at the statistics related to the dating industry, let’s divert our attention to the fantastic features that you should consider while developing a dating app like Tinder.

The Ability to Search for Nearby Matches

Search for Nearby Matches Functionality in dating app

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If you are planning to develop a dating app, the very first thing that you need to include is a “search filter.” To get more precise search results, enable users to share their interests, gender that they are interested in, their age, and the preferred age person they are interested in. This way, users can avoid getting unwanted messages and ensure that the app becomes more interactive for people who are looking for opportunities to date.

If you wish to create a dating app that is similar to Tinder, it is important to integrate ingredients that are safe and trusted by the people. To become the top-rated dating app in the market, you must integrate a “special match queue,” which would comprise of people who have already “liked” a profile. This is one of the most critical features that will help you to develop an online dating platform that provides correct matches.

Capability to Chat with Potential Match Within the App

Chat with Potential Match Within the App

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The online dating game is all about learning about the nature of the other person and get acquainted with him/her before meeting in person. The chatbots within the app work as an ice-breaker between the online users.

Whenever you are trying to develop a dating app like Tender, ensure that you understand the perspective of your customers and then try to fix their problems with the help of the matchmaking app. If you can do that, chances are, you will end up enhancing the creditability of your dating app. It will also reduce the nuisance that people usually face while visiting an online match platform. With the help of this solution, users will get the assurance of their prospective dates, which will go a long way in retaining the users.

Have an Option to “Rematch” and Local Match Functionality

One best feature that can end up making you win the hearts of your users in the online dating world is providing an option to “rematch” if the users opt for a premium subscription.

Users have the option to connect again with the potential matches by paying a price. You can e even become the best local dating app, for that you need to add a filter called “match near me” along with geolocation map integration consisting of an online profile photo and destination.

Through this feature, users will be able to connect with people who live in the same vicinity. This is the best way to get the accurate match ratio on your app which will, in turn, help it to become the best dating app in the dating business. You can even consider certain features of successful dating apps like Bumble or Tinder.

Provide Multifunctional Capabilities That Enable Users to Date, Meet, and Network

If you wish to create a Tinder-like app, it is essential to keep on advancing in this fast-paced world. Today, Gen Z is not only interested in dating. They are also looking for friends and business networking. To capture this set of target audience, you need to provide more in-app meeting options.

This way, you are expanding your reach to those people who are not interested in dating; however, they wish to use the platform for connections. Word-of-mouth publicity can play a vital role in bringing in traffic for your app.

While developing a dating app like Tinder, Bumble, or Match, ensure that your app users have read and accepted the privacy policies and blocking functionalities. You can even add certain filters in your dating app, which would aid users in finding each other and derive the best experience out of the matchmaking app.

Act on Creating an Ingenious Tinder-Like App Today!

Here you have it, the fantastic features that you can integrate to make your online dating app successful. You might have got a rough idea about the different solutions that you need to incorporate into your app to make it more engaging. We are a leading Android app development company that can help you build a Tinder-like app. Our Android app developers will create a dating app with the help of advanced algorithms and features. If you have a rough idea of a matchmaking app, contact us and cross-verify them today!