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Android Vs iOS: Quick Comparison For A Company With Limited Marketing Budget

Android VS ios

Android Vs iOS: Quick Comparison For A Company With Limited Marketing Budget

Technology is a predominating term, capable of transforming every element of life you behold. One of the groundbreaking elements in the transformation is Smartphones.


What makes mobile phones Bandwagon? It is the role of the operating system that adds value to the functions of the hardware. The value that has proved to bake a good and easy life for all the users. The benefits of operating systems are far reaching to Mobile App Development companies. These developments hubs are catered with app creation opportunities for different OS.


Time to talk about the prevailing operating systems servicing the audience. To no one’s surprise,  Android and iOS are the leading players of the economy. It seems as if other operating systems are just surviving in the market, while both Android and iOS are thriving with success.


The picture of competition between both Operating systems is clear as a crystal.

With a huge fan base, Apple is taking the experience of its users to sky-reaching heights. Apple’s sleek design and variability in each iOS version have played a huge role in maintaining consumer engagement.


On the contrary, Android users have made the choice because of the customized design of Google phones and the easy-rich featured functions. What about the cost? Yes, that is probably one biggest factor drawing the attention of all the mobile phone users.


The dominance of both the OS is pretty much equal. App developments companies take benefit from this competition to make applications for both the operating systems. The end result? iOS and Android app revenues are flourishing.


How do app development agencies decide on one operating system? The answer confides within the company’s budget. iOS app development may require resources in abundance, while Android being quite open-source puts the developers at ease.


If your creativity ends upon the app development, then it’s time to feed your imagination. With a view to going beyond the vision, app development companies should deliberate marketing and convincing strategies which outreach to the mobile phone users.


Marketing practices are meant to sharpen your edge over the market. As a company with a constrained budget, you should make the choice of operating system based on the following factors.


Cost-Benefit Analysis of Marketing Aspects

The decision to create an iOS app, Android app or a Cross-platform App, falls in the laps of development companies. It is not easy to pass such verdict without analyzing the possible outcomes.

Which operating system would best-fit with your budget? The following excerpt shall follow as a guiding light on the dark path. At the end of which light will bloom from every corner.


1. The Expense of Riding the App on the Platform

Marketing should be the repulsive action immediately after the development of the app. Now the question might bloom, what’s the ABCD of marketing? How does race begin?


Android and iOS both have a different approach towards charging the clients. While Android is open-source and requires one-time registration, iOS is the twin opposite. This operating system allows the use of the platform for a year after paying $99 as registration fees.


2. Investing in Push Notifications: An Idea worth the time?

The users of Android and iOS have an extremely distinct mindset. The push notification campaign is capable of targeting Android users effectively, despite iOS user’s high rate of engagement.


The look and feel of push notification also factor in attracting the audience. The engagement of iOS users with this marketing campaign is minimal. So if you select iOS as your platform, remember push notifications will make less of an impact.


3. App Store Optimization: The SEO of Mobile Apps

App store optimization is the process to be managed, post the development of the application. Google plays a major role in ranking the apps in the search engine result. It would be misleading to say that, since Android is a Google product, it will produce any biased app ranking.


Android and iOS will have to strive equally to secure a significant rank in the search engine. As a matter of fact, iOS has known to have standard optimization capabilities compared to Android.


4. The impact of Cost Per Install Metrics

Like pay-per-click, there is a cost per installation in the application. Every installation done by the user that happens through an advertisement, the company pays a certain amount.


The CPI revenue of iOS in the US is overpowering the revenue of Android CPI. The dominance of iOS is not only in the US but in other regions as well. The only difference that prevails is that the power wouldn’t be as strong as the US market.


Budgetary Compliance

The above-stated facts speak that with great features of the iOS app, comes a great amount of rates. A company with limited marketing budgets should make a move towards Android OS.


The global reach of the Android OS will give you an everlasting and flourishing presence in the market.