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Amazing iOS 13 Security and Privacy Features to Watch Out

Amazing iOS 13 Security and Privacy Features to Watch Out - MyAppGurus

Amazing iOS 13 Security and Privacy Features to Watch Out

iOS 13, the breakthrough OS version is going to be released by Apple in a matter of days now! This worthy successor of iOS 12 is likely to come out anytime after September 10. There is a lot to be expected in terms of innovations, accessibility, and productivity with the expected 23 features in iOS 13. However, there is one facet of iOS 13 that has made users and developers interested in this operating system which is privacy and security.

Apple has always been a frontrunner in terms of privacy. It has been miles ahead of its competitors, Google, and Facebook. In a bid to continue this legacy, Apple has announced certain new privacy and security features that can go a long way in ensuring enhanced user experience.

In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we have highlighted some fantastic iOS 13 security and privacy features which will give new wings to the iOS app development process. We promise after reading this piece of content; you will get a fair idea of the different security and privacy features that you can expect in the new operating system by Apple.

You will Receive Reminders about Apps that Assist You in Tracking Your Location

Grant an App Your Location featurs in IOS 13

(Source: techcrunch.com)

This feature provides you the option to gain more control over the data to be accessed. The latest operating system will enable you to grant access to your location only once. Earlier, there were three options available: “always,” “never,” or “while using.” This meant that an app could collect your real-time location while using it. Now, it is possible to give access to an app on a per-use basis. This is mainly a handy feature for privacy-conscious people. 

Possibility of  Declining Access to Apps Looking for Access Through Bluetooth

Access to Apps Looking for Access Through Bluetooth

(Source: akamaized.net)


Apps that wish to get access to Bluetooth will have to take your permission. It might be possible for apps to utilize Bluetooth to connect to gadgets like fitness bands and watches. Beacons, also known as Bluetooth-enabled tracking devices, can be applied to monitor your whereabouts. You can see these beacons everywhere – from stores to shopping malls. It will catch the unique Bluetooth identifier of the device which will assist in tracking your physical location between places.

This way, it can create a picture where exactly to go and what to do, thus targeting you with ads. Through this security feature, you will be able to block Bluetooth connections from apps that do not require it will assist you in protecting your privacy.

Find My App Comes with Offline Tracking

Find My App Comes with Offline Tracking Feature in ios13

(Source: fossbytes.com)

Find My; an iPhone app gets a new avatar by including offline tracking features. It is an app that is highly useful for locating your friends and lost devices. Earlier, in case you lost your laptop, you had to rely on its last Wi-Fi-connected location. Now it is possible for the app to broadcast its location through Bluetooth which is securely uploaded to the servers of Apple. This is made possible with the help of nearby cellular-connected iPhones and other Apple devices. The amazing part is the location is kept private so that no once except the device owner has the power to track your lost devices. This information is not even accessible by Apple. 

Apps will Not be Able to Access the Personal Notes Wrote Under Each Contact

Not be Able to Access the Personal Notes Wrote Under Each Contact Feature is new in ios13


One area that Apple is trying to improve is to tighten up the security measures of your contacts. Earlier, apps to ask for permission to access your contacts. Earlier, once you gave permission to access your contacts it was possible to get information pertaining to any personal notes written for each contact like alarm code or PIN number for phone banking. With this update, apps will not have access to see the “notes” field under each user’s contacts.


Now Sign In with Apple Does Not Provide Your Real Email Address and Sends a Dummy Email Address

Now Sign In with Apple Does Not Provide Your Real Email Address and Sends a Dummy Email Address

(Source: akamaized.net)

Users are looking forward to this update. With its help, users will be able to sign in to their apps and services with a single tap using Apple’s new sign-in option. This can be done without providing any sensitive or private information. In case any app wants you to sign in, employ Sign-in with the Apple option. With this feature, users will be able to select whether to share their email with the app maker. 


Alternatively, they can even choose a private “relay” email that hides the real email address of the user. This way, the app can see only an exclusive Apple-generated email. Apple has already assured that it does not collect data which makes it a more privacy-driven solution.

Possibility to Silence Unknown Callers

Possibility to Silence Unknown Callers feature in ios 13


This feature provides a great feature to ensure that you are able to cut down disruptive spam calls. It ensures that the unknown callers are directly transferred to the voicemail. This way, you will not have to take any calls from people who are not in your contact list. To avail, all these security and privacy features in iOS 13, hire iOS developers today!