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Advantages and Disadvantages of Ionic App Development


Advantages and Disadvantages of Ionic App Development

What is an Ionic Platform?

It is an open source UI framework that helps in the hybrid application development. It is built using the standardized web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS which enable the skills of web developers. The Ionic app development company has advantage as it universally pair with web components of Angular, Vue, React, and more JavaScript frameworks.

Let see the overview of some advantages and disadvantages from business owner and developers perspective:

Advantages of using the Ionic mobile app development: 

Business Owners 

  • This helps in cutting the cost of business development. As you do no need to hire an expert for different platforms or train them for new technologies. Ionic app development services have well-known technologies.
  • The platform saves time as developers need to develop a one app based using simple web technologies. 

Ionic Developers 

  • Ionic framework has a wide range of UI components and plugins to give a professional look to your applications 
  • Hire Ionic App Developers to use the best of their detailed documentation  
  • It does not require knowledge of every programming language to build a mobile application 

Disadvantages of using the Ionic Mobile App Development: 

Business owners 

  • Developers need to work on the security for both native app and website 
  • A native application developed in its programming language will be faster when compared to the Ionic application. 

Ionic Developers 

  • It won’t be a good choice it you are planning to build a video game
  • Ionic developers need to handle the security problems for native apps and web 

Pros of using the Ionic Mobile App Development Platform

Single Codebase for different Platforms

It is built on Apache Cordova and Angular Framework using the JavaScript, HTML, and CSS core technologies for native app development. Ionic allows to build a mobile application without the help of native developers. You just need to hire Ionic App Developers who are aware of the web technologies and Angular platform can successfully develop a fully functional application. A single codebase guarantees the following benefits:

  • Reduces the cost on development, codebase maintenance, and hiring native developers 
  • It increases the time-to-market on both the platforms
  • It has built-in debugging tools and browser instruments that eases the maintenance
  • It allows the transformation of an Ionic application into a PWA or desktop application 

Usage of Popular Technologies 

JavaScript has been the most popular programming language in the web technology sector. Choosing the right Ionic app development company will ensure that your project runs smoothly and every issue encountered will be handled immediately. Ionic is also an easy-to-learn tool where developers can easily learn the basics and make a selection between different web frameworks supported by Ionic. 

Hire Ionic App Developers that have expertise in the native development as Ionic do not compile the whole application into native language. It compiles the UI elements using Cordova which is a native bridge for the functionalities. It makes the development and maintenance of the application simple using the web technology stack.

Integration of Plugins 

It gives Ionic app development services freedom to integrate the Ionic application with many tools. The developers can look at the list of technologies that can be integrated on the Ionic website. It also provides access to the payment systems, testing, analytical instruments, and security tools.

It has a collection of plugins that can be integrated into the device’s hardware. Some plugins might be available at a certain price which might be listed as premier plugins and tools. 

Easy Testing of Ionic Applications 

If the Ionic application is working using a Review then the device’s browser can be used to test the application. This is a very convenient method as it does not require any testing device to make sure that your Ionic application runs smoothly. Browsers also offer built-in debugging and testing tools to make the process more accessible. 

Cons of using the Ionic Mobile App Development Platform

Performance Issue 

Ionic lacks the suitability when it comes to the performance of heavy applications. The applications with augmented reality or heavy graphics may crash when developed using the Ionic framework. The main reason that lies behind this is that Ionic renders its graphic elements through a browser which performs several steps to display images on the screen. So if you are still planning to build a high-performance application using Ionic then research on performance optimization strategies to get better results. 

Dependency on Plugins

Even the Ionic app development services will agree that they are bound to use the plugins to get access of the native functionalities. In some cases you will be unable to find a relevant plugin in the Ionic tool set. You will need to Hire Ionic App Developers to develop a plugin for highly specific features and functions. 

Hot Reloading not Available

The Ionic platform uses different techniques to add changes into the application code. Hot reloading is considered as an essential feature in the software engineering sector. As it allows applying changes without reloading the whole application.  

Wrapping it up! 

You have read the advantages and disadvantages of using the Ionic framework for your development. In the end it is essential to have the right Ionic app development company to support your application and resolve issues on-time.